About Us
Gimme the Ball is a determined and proud place where like-minded businesses can find a partner that works as hard as they do. It is led by Paul Hernandez, creative director and team manager, with over 14 years of experience generating award-winning advertising for a wide range of businesses. Small companies that want to kick it up a notch. Big ones looking to leverage their way to fresh opportunities.

As a result of his years working at some of the best advertising agencies in the industry, Hernandez has acquired a 360-degree perspective. And a never say die attitude. Which led him to open Gimme the Ball in the year 2000. A 70's inspired enclave with a rock-n-roll heart and an iron will to succeed.

Gimme the Ball currently has two homes. One in San Francisco, the hub of all things Internet. And where the greatest football team of all time is. (Go 49ers.) And another place in that humble little town, Beverly Hills, where we can take advantage of all things TV, film, and video.
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