May 2009 - The trade publication Cine Source Magazine wrote about our recent work to help create and market the television entertainment program La Fusion - American life, Latin style. This is our most recent work creating entertainment programing for TV. We have also contributed to the History Channel show "Mail Call" and have another entirely new program in the works that will premier on the History Channel this July.

December 2008 - The trade publication Cine Source Magazine wrote about our recent production of 6 videos and DVDs for The Anti-Defamation League. This was our first time working with the A.D.L. but not our first time shooting interview-style videos to be watched on interactive DVDs.

November 2008 - The San Francisco Ad Club published an article written by Creative Director Paul Hernandez.

August 2008 - The trade publication Cine Source Magazine wrote about our recent video production for The Bay Area JCF.

Testimonials (We didn't pay them, promise.)
What some of our clients and partners have to say about us.

"Paul produced a FANTASTIC video for us last year. His ideas are innovative, his work is top quality, and he finished on schedule. If you want the best, go with Paul."
      -April 11, 2008 - Art Morgan-

Paul has consistently outdone himself as our website designer. Not only is he brilliantly creative but he really listens and responds to our needs with prompt professionalism. He has become a friend. No matter what kind of ball we have thrown to him, Paul always catches it -- and runs with it!
      -July 5, 2008 - Terry and Linda Jamison - The Psychic Twins

"Working with Paul is a great joy. He is creative, thoughtful and very professional. Not only is the end product always exactly what I want, but the process of getting there is enjoyable, painless and productive. He´s a great partner to have."
      -April 7, 2008 - Hallie Baron- Jewish Community Federation

"Paul is a very driven and dedicated creative director. He believes in himself and the work he invents. Given a problem, he solves it, given a solution, he applies it. His gentle ways, his ability to listen and focus on the challenge gives reason alone to have Paul work with or for you."
      -March 25, 2008 - Peter Jarit, Producer, Filmcore

"Paul is a good head, a good egg, a talented creative who cares passionately about the work and, as the name of his company suggests, someone who really, really, really wants to be given - gimmied? - the ball. At which point he will put heart and soul into doing something as interesting as it is effective. Which, of course, you should. Please note that he doesn´t specify the type of ball appropriate for this "gimme-ing" - leather, canvas, US pigskin, UK football, the goat carcass used in Kyrgyzstani Buzkashi, all seem welcome. As a result we can assume he´s agnostic about the matter so long as you "gimme" it in the first place. By the way, he´s also got photographic chops: do your eyes a favor and ask for a peek at the book he shot on SF historical buildings."
      -March 25, 2008 - Jef Loeb, creative director/writer, Brainchild Creative

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