Stuff We Do
From concept through production, we deliver broadcast quality HD video, motion graphics and Flash animations, interactive content, entire web sites and all the things that make them up.

This includes:
  • The writing, production and compression of broadcast and web video, interactive video and animation, motion graphics.

  • The design and production of custom WordPress web sites and plugins.

  • The design and production of entire web sites and elements that involve: Flash, video, interactive video and animation, Lotus, Access database development and e-commerce, security using SSL, PGP public key encryption, Blowfish, custom algorithms and One-way string encryption (hashing, standard Unix DES-based encryption), CGI, Perl, PHP, C, C++, Java, SQL, PL/SQL, HTML5, XML programming, Oracle DBMS, File Maker Pro, MySQL, mSQL.

  • The creation, production, implementation and maintenance of social media campaigns and viral concepts.

  • The design, production and tracking of banner advertising campaigns.

  • The design, production and distribution of e-mail and SMS/MMS campaigns.

  • Web hosting services.

  • Shot-putting by request.

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